Roger, a Solo enthusiast rode a season in Australia. He now lives in Canada, is a great History of Speedway buff and has an impressive collection of Speedway Memorabilia. He has been kind enough to share his magnificent collection of Empire Speedway Riders photos with us on our VSRA Website, thank you Roger. The riders shown are Australian and International competitors and were contracted to ride for the promoters Empire Speedway P/L. while in Australia. 
These photos were originally produced in 1936.
Garland Johnson of the U.S.A.
Les Gregory of England.
Les Wotton of England.
Tommy Croombs of England.
Eric Gregory of England.
Jack Parker of England.
Wilbur Lamoreaux of the U.S.A.
Earl Farrand of the U.S.A.
Artie Fenn of Australia.
Vic Huxley of Australia..
Australia's first ever Test captain.
Syd. Perkins of Australia.
Frank Pearce of Australia.
Clem Mitchell of Australia.
Arthur George "Bluey" Wilkinson of Australia.
John Glass a.k.a
Mick Murphy of Australia.
Wal Phillips of England.
Arthur Atkinson of England.
Herbert "Dusty" Haigh of England.
Rol Stobart of England.
Byrd McKinney of the U.S.A.
Wally Little of Australia.
Nobby Key of England.
Thank you once again Roger for sharing these fantastic and historical photos with us on the Just Solos  and ASRA Websites......Brian.